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Why Are Domain Names You Buy Used Instead Of Ip Addresses?

Many people wonder why you need a domain name at all. They are really a unique address to be able to find a web site anywhere in the world. When you register a domain name a web site does not automatically appear by typing the domain name into the browser. You have to build a […]

PPC Campaigns – Useful Tools For Promoting Expired Domains

Domain name registrations, both new and expired domains, are rising slowly in the past few years and total registrations are likely to reach a pea during the end of last quarter of 2009. Domain registrations have reached an all time high of about 75 millions during 2006 with an average of 1.5 millions new registrations. […]

Simple Steps to Get Your Domain Name

The Domain Name System (DNS) enables people to navigate their way around the Internet. Every computer that is connected to the internet is identifiable by a string of numbers called an “IP address” (IP stands for “Internet Protocol”). As the internet developed so did the DNS, so that now a string of letters can correspond […]

A Guide to Acquiring Expired Domain Traffic

Expired domain traffic denotes visitors that come from sites with expired domains. Expired domains refer to those domains whose registration their owners either forgot or intentionally neglected to renew. Expired domains generally have already been listed with search engines, have acquired their own following and continue to get traffic from people who are unaware […]

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