5 Tips To Select The Right Domain Name

Domain name is nothing but the name of the web page which the users have to type in the address bar of a browser to reach to the web page. In simple words it is a name to the web page. People are now going for keyword based domain names to rank higher in SERP for a particular keyword. It also easily attracts readers as the keyword they search will be in the domain name itself. For example if the site is going to about ipad then the domain name can be like ipadnews.com, ipadfeatures.com etc. This is definitely a good way of approaching but still if you want to write for humans then it is advised to go for a generic technology name for the blog.

So then how to select a domain name which is not annoying to the users and at the same time attracts visitors as well? Following few tips can help in choosing the right domain name while giving the answer to the question

Keep the domain name short and sweet. There are many who find it lazy to type a long domain name. Long domain name leads to confusion because of spelling and it is hard to remember all the time.
Do not add hyphens, number or underscore. Keep your domain name simple and clean. These extra characters may disturb people at times.
Be unique. Do not copy ideas from others and make a domain name. Think and research more to find a unique domain which will make your domain name popular.
Keep the spelling relative. If you are going to start a technology blog then keep the domain name related to technology and not related to some celebrities or health.
Use tools. If you find it difficult to think and get the domain names then use some FREE domain name suggestion tool which may help you to get a good name.

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