A Domain Parking Script to Suit All Purposes


Just imagine how long it would take you to develop all your websites if you owned a number of parked domains: for instance, if you had 3,000 websites and you wanted to develop each one? Can you imagine the cost of hiring somebody on a freelance basis to manually develop each one? A domain parking script has to capabilities to make short work of all 3,000 of your websites, developing each parked domain into a site offering a viewer rich, relevant content that gets updated and managed completely automatically. A domain parking script can easily be uploaded to your web site, changing a boring under construction site into one that is quite likely to bring you a regular income.

Individually, a site may only bring in 0.20c of revenue per week but, multiply that by the 3,000 websites that now exhibit rich context-laden content and you will be raking in quite a substantial regular income: $600 per week, in fact, as well as maintaining your page rankings and the value of your domain itself. Our domain parking script is suitable for use with Google Adwords, with Amazon and with Ebay, as well as any of the myriad Affiliate sites on the Web today which may be bringing you in an income.

Domain Parking Solution

Our domain parking script offers domain owners a particularly powerful interface that enables all your domains, no matter how many they are, to be hosted from a single account. Our domain parking script also provides an integral control panel so that you can customize each web site with its own content, after which the domain parking script automatically manages the domain content. Now is actually a really good time to purchase a domain parking script, with D-Park Pro Domain Parking Script able to offer you an unlimited site licence, open source code as well as the domain parking script choc-full of useful features to develop your domain. With our domain parking script enables you to earn from a range of different sources: all you need to do is enter your ID code into the script and the D-Park Pro script adapts the content of your site accordingly.

Content can be generated automatically or it can be fully customized, depending on the domain the domain parking script is pointed towards. Whether you want to generate contextualized content from an RSS feed or on the fly, we have a domain parking script to suit your purposes. Furthermore, if a time comes when you feel you need to sell your domain, all you need to do is to make minor adjustments to your domain parking script, marking that specific domain as For Sale, with the facility for prospective purchasers to contact you through a secure interface that becomes enabled in the domain parking script as soon as you mark that domain for sale. You can even make any potential offers visible to other prospective purchasers in an attempt to generate a bidding war using the state-of-the-art software that runs your domain parking script.

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