A Review of the Public Domain Home Study Course

Hello again everyone, how is life treating you all out there in cyber-space? Today we will be doing a review of the Public Domain Home Study Course. If you are like many other people in the world today, you are most likely looking for a way to earn money via the internet. The people that are making money online sure do make it look easy right?

The fact is it’s not all roses. You will encounter difficulties as you would with any new venture that you would embark upon, it is the amount of work and determination that you put into your shot at the brass ring so to speak. Stick to learning the facts, try not to let any negative remarks get to you and listen to your instincts, most of the time, your instincts will prove correct.

Now let’s take a moment to look at the meaning of Public domain in detail, public domain are things that are NOT protected by a copyright. That would be many published things before 1923 and in some instances, some things that have been published right on up to 1978! Pretty interesting right? Maybe a review of the public domain home study course doesn’t sound so bad now eh?

What we refer to as “a work”, this can be just about anything that you can think of, for example: a photograph, poster, a course, reports, instruction manual, song, play, a movie, or even a book. There are many, many places that you will be looking after you read this and will be literally going nuts for a pen and paper to write down all the possibilities. In general, what I am trying to tell you is that if a work falls into the public domain category, you will be able to take that work and find your own use for it!

For example, if you were to find a book in the public domain that talks about catching trout. You can then turn it into an eBook which you can call “Catching the big one!” Now, take it one step further and say that we decide to price this book at $29 and set the site up for this.

Here is what you would make if your site were to sell just ONE of these eBooks in a day, then this is what your monthly and yearly income would be like: Example: 1 sale per day would be $29, not much huh? Factor that in every day for 1 month, your monthly income would be $870. That’s a nice chunk of change! Now your yearly income would be a staggering $10,440!!

Sounds pretty good to me, what do you think of those numbers? Bet you could make them work for you alright! Some of you may be thinking that it doesn’t seem like you are making much but there are many things that you could do with $870 extra dollars every month.

So you understand now why we did a review of the public domain home study course, it is to let you all know about the wealth of information that is just begging to be used by the common folk like you and me. When you get yourself a public domain information product business going you have NO overhead to worry about, NO employees except yourself, and NO boss!

To get your own public domain website off the ground remember these things:

1. Find yourself the perfect market to target, something you know.
2. Find yourself a public domain work
3. Ensure that you have done a copyright search
4. You can then scan the book that you wish to turn into an eBook
5. Start to edit the book and breathe more flair into it
6. Write a killer sales letter

Hopefully this has helped you dear readers and I look forward to reading YOUR success story.

Let Russell Brunson Review Kings Brian Garvin and Jeff West teach you more about the Public Domain Home Study Course. Feel free to use this article but please leave all links and author bio intact.

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