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We all want to make money online. That is why you are here right now. Well if you are just starting out, you probably need to promote some other company as an affiliate. Most companies give you a reseller site, you get traffic to the site, make sales, and get a percentage. Well, if you promote a membership site for example, you will pay a monthly fee, but you will also EARN monthly residual because your referrals are also paying monthly. If you don’t market your site obviously you are going to lose money right away. But if you can get a steady flow of traffic and sales to build your downline, you will be making monthly residual forever. Plus, if you keep doing it, you will actually get a RAISE every month for the rest of your life. What do you think about that?

Just a side note. I have used all kinds of advertising techniques. Free classifieds, paid classifieds, solo ads, email ads, mass mailings, postcards, letters, you name it. You know what is absolutely so funny? Here I am. Writing and posting free articles that give me permanent links to my sites. Something that other forms of advertising simply can’t offer. I mean, what other way is there to get unlimited free permanent links to your site? I just think it is funny because I took a break from writing articles, and now I realize just how powerful they really are.

So anyway, you are going to join a company, get a website and promote it. You could use the company given url, or you could buy a domain name, and have it redirect to your affiliate link or company url.

Your given link could look like

Or you could look like

You can tell that the second one looks better. The idea here is that the url will get more clicks than the other one, which is true in pay per click ads. But what I have noticed in other forms of advertising is, it more so depends on the content, than the visual appearance of the link.

Some reseller sites are not compatible, but most are. is a common place though there are many. Buy a domain name there for $10 or less, set up forwarding and masking, and you are good to go. My example was going to be… (but I don’t own that domain name anymore due to breaking the “AmeriPlan” domain name rules… ooops.)  That was the corporate given reseller website that I renamed. It doesn’t even exist now but I have rebuilt from scratch at and I don’t even use a redirect for that anymore.  There is a “business” page in the main site.

The problem I have with reseller websites is:  You have no control over them.

You know as well as I do that you have to be able to stay in touch with the people who have visited your websites or they will never convert to sales. Well, actually there is a less that 1% chance, so… it’s not totally hopeless.

My entire point is this:  If you have 10 reseller websites, all with domain “masks” you will make more money than your competition.  If you have a membership site, you will make monthly residual income.  If you a “subscribe” form on your site, you will turn your visitors into repeat visitors.  If you have a reseller site you cannot put in your “subscribe” form… or opt-in box.  What is the solution to all this?  Build your own website with original conten… or have me build one for you if you don’t want to do it yourself.  (Yes, I build websites now.)

Good luck making money and outranking your competition. 

To Your Success,

Andrew Hittle

P.S.  If you were to join my AmeriPlan business I would show you how to do what I am doing so you don’t have to make a stupid list of your “friends and family.”  I got to the point in network marketing where I could not depend on them to finance my life.  NEWS FLASH:  If you need your friends and family to make money in your business… it’s not a real business.  It is just a charity case… and you are trying to collect donations from people who feel sorry for you.  I refuse to run my businesses like that.  Your friends and family will not make you rich.  Only YOU can do that.

Andrew Hittle is an internet marketer helping people save money AND make money.

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