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Choosing the Best Domain Name

One common question I encounter is from people who can’t get the “.com” domain of their choice, but find the “.net”, “.org” or other country-specific top level domains (TLDs) available (like .de, .nu, .sg, etc). Should they try for these? It depends strictly on what your website is about. If your website or business […]

Qualities Of A Good Domain Name

A good domain name makes the difference between generating high traffic and not generating any traffic at all. It echoes the nature of a persons business and can be remembered easily. It is also one that stays above competitor’s intrusion. The following is a guideline that a company can use in choosing a good domain […]

Choosing a Domain Name

In this article you will learn how to chose an effective and memorable domain name and learn how you can actually increase traffic by using an old, expired domain name.Times wasting so lets get started…In the physical world, you can distinguish a businessbecause of its structure, window displays, or signs. You cantell that a bank […]

Domain Names ? Their Significance and Types

The term ‘domain’ is probably the most known word in the world of internet. It is probably the most important word as well. Your domain is what differentiates your website from others. Even though domains are widely accepted as one of the most important aspects of your internet presence, a lot of users still […]

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