Creating a Business Domain Name

To create a good domain name many factors are put into consideration.

First of all you must have a reason for setting up a domain. And this reason could fall into any of this two broad categories;

1.) For business reasons

2.) For personal uses


To pick a domain name for a business purpose/reason, there are certain factors that will help you pick a good domain name, these includes;

a.) What type of online business do you intend running with your domain- the type of business you wish to do online will definitely affect what you pick as your domain name, this is because your domain name has to be related to what ever business you do. For example you don’t expect people who are looking for health related issues to visit a domain that bears a name on real estates.

b.) Use .com domain tags for domain business- this is because domains using the .com tags have universal acceptance compare to others like .org, .net, .ng, e.t.c. Must people who come online are familiar with .com tags after every domain/website name and it is by far the most marketable. Therefore there is the tendency that someone who wants to remember your domain name may mistake it to end with a .com tags when your domain ends with a .net, or .org.

c.) Avoid similar or familiar domain names- why you should avoid similar domain names is that a company may also be using that name and they may press against you to relinquish your domain especially when they have all it takes to do so. So to avoid you having a bad turn around in your business online after a little success avoid the similar domain names.

d.) Catchy domain name- to attract people to your domain it must be catchy in the sense that it is easy to read, understand, interpret and remember. You domain should be once that makes people curious to know what it’s all about. Make it short.

e.) You domain name should suggest what it is all about- if your domain is on political issues it should have a name that will suggest it is politically inclined

f.) Be specific about your domain name- to increase value to your domain and there by draw goo traffic to it, it should be a domain that tell what area it is focused on e.g. if you deal on Nissan motors instead of making your domain for example you should make it more specific like

g.) Use common names- use common words that are familiar to people so as to help increase traffic to your site


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