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Are you looking for a domain name for a new web site? Sometimes it can be quite a struggle to find a suitable available domain name, especially a dot com name, for a new web site or business venture. The reason is that domain names are, generally speaking, registered on a first come first served basis – the first person to register any particular name continues to hold it until they either transfer the name to somebody else, or they fail to pay the renewal fees on that domain. Of course, what this means is many of the most obviousdomain names (such as most English words followed by dot com) have been registered a long time ago and are no longer available.

However there is no need to get disheartened. Just because the all obvious domain names may be taken, this does not mean that all the good domain names are taken. Not by a long chalk. The key is to be incentive, flexible and be prepared to consider alternatives. Don’t listen to people who tell you that only the most obvious domain name will do – remember sites like and have been successful even though (perhaps because?) they were not called something obvious like Indeed, a clever domain name may even be an advantage, as it allows you to build a unique and distinctive brand identity around it.

So how do you find a clever domain name? There are really two parts to it – namely, you and your domain search tools. As far as you are concerned, you need to think laterally and be open-minded (using a thesaurus can also help!). As far search tools are concerned, you should look a online domain name suggestion tools – there are quite a number of web sites that offer them for free – you enter a keyword (remember to use the thesaurus!), and perhaps select a theme, and the suggestion tool will propose names based on your input.

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