Domain Name Inspiration

If you are starting a new business, embarking on a new venture, or simply building a web site for personal reasons, it can sometimes be quite hard to find a good available domain name. The trouble is that most obvious domain names, especially those ending with dot com, have already been registered long ago and therefore are no longer available for registration. That does not mean however it is time to give up looking, what is needed a little flexibility, a little adaptability, perhaps a small flash of inspiration, but most of all, use of the right search tools.

Here is the procedure that I use for finding good available domain names for new web sites.

1. First of all, I will think of all the obvious domain names. I will then do a domain search to see if the dot com version of that name is still available. Most of the time it isn’t, but once in a while you do hit pay dirt – so it is worth checking!

2. I will think of the most important keywords describing the new web site – I may use a thesaurus to help me with this step. When doing this yourself, don’t forget to consider plurals, word variants ending in “ing”, etc.

3. I will then try entering each of the keywords (starting with the best ones) into a domain name suggestion tool. I make a note of the best ones and then register them.

Using the above procedure, it is nearly always possible to find a good quality available dot com name, but if I am not happy with any of the dot alternatives, then I might repeat the process using dot net and dot org names. Try it yourself РI expect you will find that domain name inspiration is closer than you think!

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