Domain name Parking

Domain name parking has given the best profits on investment. For example was sold for $3 millions. In some cases these domains were bought for $6-8 which is the cost for registering a new domain name. The income on domain names is wonderfully volatile.

What do the domain sellers? Are they capable to trade their domain names? That’s why domain name parking comes into the picture. An effective way of earning profit even the domain remains unsold.

Domain parking is a profit making technique from marketing streams/links. Domain parking services are offered by the domain registrars. Nevertheless, emerging trends explain that domain parking services are now provided more and more by non- registrar domain parking services. Domain parking services use marketing feeds from web marketing services to demonstrate ads on parked domain pages. Domain parking service providers propose domain name owners two choices for monetizing. First option is “one click lander” and the other option is “two click lander”. A landing page is the page where a site searcher first lands on. A one click landing page provides searchers a variety of marketing links on a particular page. On the other hand the two click landing page first shows up a domestic page with various groups of links. A visitor selects a group and then going to the particular group of advertising links.

A domain owner gets paid for each click on ads by the domain parking service. This is known as EPC (Earnings per Click/ Pay per Click).Other term which can be used is CTR or a Click Through Rate. For example, if a site gets 10 pages impressions or unique visitors, and 1 click on an ad link, the CTR would be 10%.

Domain parking is usually practiced by domain owners. Most domain parkers fall into the group of domaineers who buy potential niche domain names for sale. Domain parking proves are very helpful for these domaineers who generates profit from ad revenue generated even their domain name remains unsold. Domain parking proves are very useful for website owners to promote a site for a long time period. Instead of simply displaying a “site under construction” poster, they can simply monetize their site potential using domain parking services to make ad profit till the site actually launches.

At present, domain parking services provides geographically targeted advertising to optimize domain profits. For example, a site searcher from Germany would see ads particularly for the German/European County. This helps in maximizing the domain potential to the highest level. You may find that it is very difficult to believe but advertisers pay decent amount for ads in niche keywords like debt consolidation, credit cards, mortgage etc. If you haven’t made your first domain investment, now it is the best time to begin a gainful business investment. You could be shocked with your profits.

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