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Whether it is for a new personal web site, a new venture, or an entirely new business that is being launched, many people find it increasingly hard to find a good available domain name. This is because domain names are generally registered on a first come first served basis, and thus many of the most obvious domain names have already been taken long ago.

You should not however allow this to dishearten you. The reality is that although many obvious domain names are unavailable, this does not mean that no good domain names are left to register. Quite the opposite in fact. There are numerous high quality domain names still available – the key to finding them however is that you need to be a little bit more flexible and adaptable than only considering the most obvious choices.  Don’t think of that as an disadvantage – many of the best known and most successful web sites don’t exactly have obviously descriptive names (think of,, or for starters).

So how can you find a good quality available domain name? Basically there are two things to it. The first is to use your experience intelligence to think laterally – look for a variety of keywords or phrases describing your new venture or web site (you can also use a thesaurus to help you in this search).  The second thing is to use the right tools – there are many different web sites that can provide domain name suggestions based on keywords and/or themes that you supply.

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