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Lots of people have good and interesting ideas for web sites, or even for online businesses, but one thing that many people struggle with is finding a suitable available domain name for their web site. The main reason for this is that domains are, for the most part, registered on a first come, first served basis, and many of the most obvious domain names (such as obviously commercially valuable single English word names ending in dot com) have already been registered along time ago. At this point, many people throw up their hands and start moaning about domain squatters (the word “squatter” is curious in this context, since technically “cybersquatting” refers to bad faith registration of domain names that infringe trademarks, but what the complainer is really moaning about is that another person has legitimately already registered the particular domain, and the complainer feels that his desire to own that particular domain should outweigh both the other person’s desire and the fact that they were first to register it).

Anyway my experience is despite what some people say, it is perfectly possible to find good available domain names, it just requires a little more effort and a bit of lateral thinking. I don’t think that I am the only person who thinks this way – although I’m not involved in this business myself, I have noticed that there are some folks who seem to be earning  income from finding available unregistered domain names and simply flipping them (see for example, “Domain Cash Vault” by Brian Pubrat and “How I Sell My Domain Names” by Edwin John).

Anyway what would I suggest to help you find suitable available domains:

1. Use lateral thinking (and perhaps a thesaurus) to help you search: Just because the most obvious domain name is taken, doesn’t mean alternative and potentially equally good names can not be found.

2. Consider using alternate domain endings: Most people want a dot com for branding purposes, but if you are looking for a domain name for the keywords it contains, then a dot net or dot org may be just as good.

3. Use a Domain Name Idea Generator: Basically these are tools where you type in a keyword, and perhaps pick a theme (e.g. “Fast”, “Best”, “Portal”, etc.) and it automatically searches for suitable domain names for you. There are many variations on such tools, available to use free, on the Internet.

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