Domain Name You Want Is Taken-What to Do?

The key is to choose a name that will make sense to you and your business. Select one of our suggestions, choose an alternate top-level domain (for instance, instead of, or think of a variation of the name you prefer and try searching again.
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If your domain name search results reveal that the web address you want is already registered, this means that another individual or organization has already secured that domain, and that it is no longer available. Unfortunately, with the growth of the Web, it’s often difficult to register the exact name you want.

The first thing you can try is to buy the domain name off of the person who presently owns it. This is not uncommon but it will cost you significantly more to buy an existing domain name than it would if you were to create one that no one currently has. However, asking if the domain is for sale from the current owner is one option you can explore.

If abbreviations or variations won’t do, and you’re willing to enter into negotiations for an already taken domain name, you can make an offer through an online exchange service offered by Afternic®, acting as the conduit for your bidding and exchange, Afternic will hold the agreed upon fee in escrow until your negotiations are complete.

Also you may considering to buy other extension or other domain name. Should you find the .com available at first shot, you’d do well to secure the other available extensions.

You can use those other domain name extensions to point to or link to your .com Web site, increasing your chances of being found. A .net or .biz extension can have every bit the chance of getting found as a .com-it’s the awareness campaign behind the name that can make the difference.

Many people get caught up in using .com and have the impression that it is the only domain name available. This is not the case and you can try other domains such as .net, .tv, or even .org to see if you can still get the web address that you want. Of course the danger in using this route is that it can confuse customers and potentially cause problems with getting traffic to your website. The way to combat that is to make sure your website is optimized for exposure so that people will find your site when they search for it.

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