Domain Names 101 – A Dummies Guide to Choosing Great Domain Names

When it comes to choosing your domain name, do not allow
yourself to get stressed out or worry over choosing the perfect
domain name that will make your website a success. When it comes
down to it, there are several things you can do to ensure you
choose the best type of domain for your business, and after that
any number of domain names will work effectively for you.
However, you need to read the following suggestions and follow
them in order to avoid any costly mistakes to your traffic and
business due to a bad domain name.

Tip #1 Short and Sweet You will want a domain name that is short
and sweet. There are many reasons for this, however if you have
a short domain name it will be easier for people to remember and
revisit not to mention tell others about. Also, if your domain
name is short, other websites linking to your site will not have
to worry about broken URLs and invalid web pages.

Tip #2 Make a List You should definitely make a list of the
domain names you like the most, but it is best if you make a
list of themes rather than exact domain names. The reason for
this is there are so many domain names on the Internet that
finding an easy one is not so easy. So, come up with themes you
are interested in and then start searching from there.

Tip #3 Be Open Do not set your heart on one particular domain
name, especially if it is a generic one because odds are it is
taken. You will only be disappointed and unhappy with any other
domain name. Do not set yourself up like this and realize ahead
of time that you will need to be really creative with your
domain name and open to new ideas and options.

Tip #4 Search for Options Once you have your list of themes and
ideas you want for a domain name you can start searching online.
There are plenty of websites that will allow you to search and
register different domain names. Most likely, several that you
search for will be taken and the program might suggest you take
that domain name with a really large number on the end or other
variations that are available. In general, you do not want to do
this because it is more difficult to remember your URL and you
will get a lot of your traffic misdirected.

Tip #5 Dot Com There are many kinds of extensions or suffixes
available for URLs from com to .net and .biz to .info. While all
of these are options and your particular desired domain might be
taken under .com and available under tv you should consider long
and hard before doing this. The reason for this is everyone
knows about .com and if they are thinking of your website they
will probably search for it as .com first. So, having a .com
will keep people from getting confused. Also, if your keyword
URL exists as a .com and you choose .net, you will probably lose
customers and traffic to the other site because people know to
go to .com

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