Domain registration is inexpensive and protects your business

In an ever-changing world it is important to have some stability. To this end you should look into registering your domain name because:

• Your domain name becomes a point of association for you. Clients remember your site and services by the domain name.

• Even if you change your web host the domain name would go with you and clients will be re-directed to your web site.

• Since brand recall is the basis to good marketing a permanent domain name will become the “brand” that represents your company.

Registering a domain is cheap. It only costs between US$ 1 and US$ 3 per month. Many registrars also offer free parking for the domain names. The registration can be done by the web host or you as an individual.

• Make a list of domain names you are using in your business and are likely to use.

• Write down the DNS IP addresses and the names of the primary and secondary servers.

• Choose a method of payment. Using a credit card is highly recommended as the registration is immediate.

• Select a registrar from the many available like, Yahoo,,, or Read the terms and conditions carefully and do not hesitate to ask any relevant questions.

You must:

• Consider seriously the costs of re-registering the domains owned by you.

• Whether you will be in a position to sell any of the domains.

• If you should purchase other permutations of your domain to prevent cyber squatting. Think about;; and so on.

• InterNic at provides information on Internet domain name registration services. It has an accredited registrar directory as well as an FAQ section.

• Network Solutions at has a WHOIS database where one can find out which domains are registered and by whom along with website data. The search spans multiple registrar databases and throws up registration information on millions of domain names with different extensions.

• Yahoo Small Business Directory at is a comprehensive directory of 334 domain registration sites along with a brief description.

Valuable Insights:

• Make a list of domain names as well as extensions that you want to register. Ask yourself why you need these domains and what you plan doing with them. Of all the extensions is the most popular.

• It is not advisable to register the domain names with the web host . If you decide to use a new host you will save yourself immense trouble of moving the domain name as well. Always register with reputable and accredited companies.

• Choose the keywords carefully. Search engines favor keyword rich domain names. This will help in the marketing of the site.

• Coin a short domain name. Short names are remembered and are know to have better recall in memories of clients and casual browsers.

• Ensure that the domain name has topical relevance. It must convey a definite meaning and represent your business.

• Keep in mind applicable laws while choosing a domain name. Pay special attention to trademark and copyright laws.

Register your domain and gain peace of mind. It is inexpensive and protects your website and intellectual property.

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