Domains and Subdomains

There are ways to increase your exposure with the power of subdomains but first we need to look at what domains and subdomains are.


What Are Domains?


Domains we are all familiar with. They are our URL which is the full http address. While the Domain name is the name of our website. Keep in mind that in the past theses two where interchangeable and still are with virtual hosting. If you do not have this type of hosting you will be dealing with the fact that there are more websites than there are servers. Many things have changed over the years with so many websites out there now on the internet.


How Does A Domain Name System Work?


The name consists of tow or more labels separated by dots. To the left the label specifies a subdomain.


What Are Subdomains?


This is an extension of your existing, working domain. It is however separate from the domain that it extracts from.


What this means is that a subdomain is considered as it own site.


Why Use A Subdomain?


Some people create subdomains for niches. Others use them to load images that coincide with their main site, There are some businesses that use them to split their departments.


Many uses can be found and the benefits are that you don’t have to start another website, thus incurring another expense. Another benefit is that search engines will count the subdomain as a separate site causing more exposure.




How Do You Create A Subdomain?



Use the topic of your website domain name in your subdomain so that they relate to one another. Go to your web hosting administration panel to create your subdomain.

Let us take a website address such as

The subdomain would then become

Note: this is an example and I am not promoting this site. It is for informational purposes only.

Did you notice the change of the dot and the placement of it?


Most of your hosting will help you with this process or you can purchase some simple software to aid you with this. If you are doing multiple subdomains, I recommended that you purchase the software as this can become tedious.


Important Notes:


You should have at least 4 pages on your subdomain for them to appear as having substantial content for the search engines,


Also keep in mind that this is like any other website. You still must use keywords, content, placement, and submit to search engines, etc. All of these factors must come into play.


You get the idea!



Sandi Baker


As the President and Founder of Let Us Get It Done, I am also the website designer. I have over 19 years in the marketing business. I also serve on the Board of Directors for a Non Profit Company that is dedicated to providing technology to the visually impaired.

I have a Degree in Business Management and Administration and well as an SEC License.

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