Five Ways of Choosing Exellent Domain Names

Most of ‘domainer’ who buy domain name and Later on discover that the names are not just working for them seems to have neglected the fact that, before you could buy any domain name o any kind there are some indispensable facts you need to consider. Here, I’ve produced FIVE of the most common characteristics/rules of choosing a good domain name. Study them very well and use them effectively.

Now, before registering or buying any domain name, I strongly suggest that you should use the following characteristics as a general guide when thinking of any domain name to buy/register. Following these rules will likely yield good result and save money

Easy to pronounce &spell

Choosing a domain name that is easy to spell and pronounce will increase your chance of being remembered. Fro example, choosing a name like may be a good thing but if you are pronouncing the domain name to someone else they will hear and interpret the spelling of your domain name as instead of this miscommunication could cost you money. You should always try to ensure that it cannot be misspelled or misinterpreted.

Memorable &short

One of the ways of choosing a good domain name is by going for a one-word domain name of five to six letters. For example,,, etc. these name are firmly entrenched in our memory when we want to visit their site. You could also do the same thing.

Dot com (.com)

The most popular domain extension is the dot com. Generally speaking, a .com name will always command a higher premium when compared with other extensions. For example will be worth more than


Does your domain name fit into a commercial market segment? If so, you potentially increase your domain value. Having a domain name that fits into a genre like business, sport, computer, health etc, gives you domain name market appeal.

Good Traffic

Good domains generally receive visitors. Having eyeballs at your site can prove to be beneficial, especially if you have something better to offer. More so, if you have a domain name a developed website with visitors you are increasing your domain value.

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