Free Domain Name Value Can be Higher Than Many Think

Free domain name registrations offers abound. From those that go along with hosting packages to offers from site parking companies, it is not very difficult to actually buy and register a domain name for nothing. What many people do not realize is that this type of service can actually add up to some incredible revenue. Whenfree domain name value potential is taken into account, a company might just enable a client to buy a domain name that’s worth millions for nothing more than a $10 a month service contract.

Does this sound crazy? Well, it’s not. Depending on the actual name selected and registered free domain name valuecan actually add up to the millions.

Domain name buying and selling has become very big business on the Internet. One person or company owns a name another wants, for example, and the bidding starts. While it’s true most names aren’t worth more than the registration fees paid for them, some carry a free domain name value that adds up to serious cash

Domain name buying and selling is being characterized as the real estate of the Internet age. There are a host of ways that people go about buying and selling names they think have high free domain name value Some of the most popular include:

Direct sales. One person owns a domain name that a company wants to use. The company does some research, finds the seller and makes an offer. If the offer is deemed attractive, the seller will typically jump right away with no further adieu. As long as the right transfer process comes into play, the buyer will get what is desired and the seller might just find that free domain name value is incredibly high.

Auction sites. Some people list domain names they have purchased on auction sites that are designed to facilitate such transactions. Sellers place their names out in the ether and bidders who are interested name their prices. The end result, especially in a heated auction, can be a tidy profit for the domain name owner. In some cases, a free domain name value might be pegged in the thousands or even millions. Recent sales of highly sought after site names have netted owners as much as a whopping $12 million. This is nothing to sneeze at, especially considering the typical original investment involved in the deal.

Brokers.If free domain name value has already been deemed as high, a seller might seek out the services of a professional broker. This is an excellent way to seek out the highest possible price, but it can some with some rather high commission costs.

As more big businesses see the Internet as the real estate of the 21st century, free domain name value is likely to continue to rise for the best names going. Unfortunately, pegging which names might fetch a tidy sum and which ones won’t is not always easy. Some people research ideas. Others go on gut instinct. Whatever the case, a free domain name can turn out to be worth a whole lot more than the service contract attached to the deal.

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