Getting Familiar With Vanity Domains

A vanity domain is a domain name in the field of Domain Name System or DNS, usually a sub-domain, with the aim of showcasing the identity of the person to whom the name was registered and is used in web hosting. This is different from the domain names which are used to identify organizations or the services that the organizations offer.

Vanity domains may be likened to vanity car registration plates that emphasize and identify the owner and gives him distinction from the others, and not just depending on another organization’s services in web hosting. A sub-domain is at times referred to as a vanity domain, particularly when it is a sub-domain of an Internet service provider named after an individual user account. Some other descriptions of vanity domain are:

1)     In domain registration, “a domain you register for the sole purpose of having your own domain so you can have an easily remembered URL and email address”, according to the Free Online Dictionary of Computing.

2)     According to the Jargon File, a vanity domain is “an Internet domain, particularly in the .com or .org top level domains, apparently created for no reason other than boosting the creator’s ego.”

Vanity domains are applied primarily to ordinary domain names that are registered at the highest permissible level instead of sub-domains, although in essence, a second level domain name is in fact a sub-domain of its high-level domain in domain registration. Since vanity domains are used for and in behalf of specific individuals, these normally would not impart the full services of an organizational domain name. Vanity domains, aside from being easily remembered, especially when registered as a top level as allowed by the registrar, give the feature of personal mobility, which means they continue to be related to the person even if that person transfers to another Internet service provider.  

All About Vanity Domain Names

Very similar to vanity car plates, vanity domains are becoming well-known and an attraction to many web hosting users. With the trend of web hosting companies permitting multiple domain-pointing, it has become easier and more convenient to use vanity domains.

Instead of the regular domain names which make use of either a person’s name or a company name, vanity domains use famous key words and phrases that describe the person owning the domain. Vanity domains can seize the opportunities of the prevailing market trends and also motivate and inspire visitors to the web site.

Some vanity domains are created even if it leads to a site that is totally unrelated to what its name implies. A customer clicks the site with a given domain name but is led to another, totally different web site. Although this is not too ethical, and may violate standard codes and procedures, many companies engaging in web hosting use this method and come out with successful results. Still, there are several other ways to use vanity domains and come out successful altogether.

You could analyze the prevailing market trends. When you come across popular events that somehow correlates with your web site’s products or services, you can register a domain name that coins the essence of such events. A lot of people have succeeded using this method of exposure. You could also take the time to analyze and evaluate the usefulness and suitability of your domain name and change it for the better if you have the chance.

Vanity domain names can also be used to shorten lengthy domain names, and vanity domains can offer catchy words and phrases that easily get the attention of customers and visitors. It would not replace your regular domain name, but rather, it would complement it as it would also direct you in your registered web site.

Another option is to purchase an already popular domain name. There are several domains that are for sale on the Internet. You can choose a popular domain name for sale, provided it matches the products and/or services that you offer in your web site. In web hosting, this would only work if the domain name you decide to buy is related with your web site. Of course, you will have to make the necessary notification that the domain name you purchased is now owned by you to avoid any confusion.

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