Guide To Selling Domain Names To End Users

The problem with selling domain names on domainer forums and even websites such as Sedo, Bido, and Afternic is that most of the potential customers you will come into contact with are fellow domainers.  This means that they want to pay a domainer price versus an end user price.  Just to clarify, an end user is person or company who wishes to purchase a domain in order to actually use it for a business purpose.  End users will typically be willing to pay significantly more for a good domain name than a domainer since most domainers simply want to flip the domain for a profit at some point in the future.  As such, you want to seek out end users to buy your domain name and that means putting in a little time and effort.

The first step is to find potential end users.  To do this, I like to type in a domain’s keywords in google.  For example, for I simply type in “Sauna Price” and contact all the sauna dealers that I can find.  Next I would simply type in “Sauna” and “Saunas”.  You want to find approx 50-75 potential end users to contact.

One of the best ways to contact end users is through email marketing.  I recommend using either an email assigned to you by your ISP or an email address from a domain that you own.  Some domainers recommend setting up an email account with the actual domain you’re trying to sell.  Either way is a good choice.  However, I don’t recommend using a free webmail service such as gmail or hotmail.  The reason is that these email accounts are often associated with spam or scammers.  Also, you want to write out each email separately.  Never send bulk email as this may be considered spam.  You can find a potential end user’s email address is a couple of ways. The best way is to simply look over the website.  Usually there will be an email address such as “” or something like that.  If you can’t find it, another choice is to use a whois search tool such as  Many times, a valid email will be listed under the administrative contact. This should be your second choice, however, because many of the emails listed in the whois may get checked infrequently or be invalid.

When writing the title for your email, simply state the domains name and that it is for sale.  For example “ Is For Sale”.  If the potential end user has a website selling business domains, this should catch his eye.  It is also to the point.  Never have a title that reads “Please click onto this – important business” or something similar to that because it looks like a spam message.  The idea is to attract a potential buyer.  In the body, I simply state that the domain is for sale and that I’m contacting the company or person because research has shown they have a business related to my domain’s keywords.  I then ask them to please contact me if they’re interested in making an offer.  Finally, I list a link to the listing and thank them for their time.  It is really that simple.

I’ve sold a few domains with this approach but I’m constantly trying to refine my selling skills.  To succeed, the most important thing is to be persistent and to constantly seek out selling opportunities.  When you send out your first lot of emails, you may be frustrated to find out that there are no buyers.  But the idea is to keep on and persist.  You can be successful.  It is just a matter of having the patience and resolve. is an online forum community for people interested in making money online.

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