How to Earn Money Parking Domain Names

There are a number of ways that you can make money when it comes to parking domain names and domain names in general. For those that may not be familiar with parking domain names, this is the process by which domains are parked within a given host account and at the same time the owner is able to earn passive income by the use of pay per click ads through traffic that is generated by search engines until the parked domain names are used for their intended purpose or sold.

You have probably seen parked domains. These are sites that you type in and you get the search pages sometimes with the statement written on the top that this domain is for sale. If you are purchasing a large amount of domains and reselling them, parking the domain names can be a great way to earn money off the domains while you are waiting to sell them.

It helps to drive traffic to the site, which can help to encourage the sale of the domain, and the ads that can be placed on the site can produce pay per click revenue. Even if you are not purchasing a large quantity of domains but are just purchasing one or a couple for your own business and are not ready to build on the site yet. Parking the domain and placing advertisements on it can be one way to earn revenue from the website while you are deciding what you want to with your website or even with your business in general.

Many people purchase their domains in order to hold them, months in advance before starting up their business as part of the organization and preparations that come before you can successfully launch a business. It is also common for people to purchase the .com, .net and even .org for their domain names with which they intend to publish different information on each on of this domains. While you are building these additional sites, you can earn revenue by parking them.

The only down side or disadvantage to attempting to do revenue sharing or pay per click advertising off a parked domain is that you may have to drive traffic towards your website unless you have a web address that is a common misspelling of another website and is going to attract a large number of visitors.

For small quantities of visitors, it is general hard to earn money through domain name parking. There are different ways however to turn a parked domain into something that can earn money for you while you are waiting for the domain to sell or you are in the process of developing the website, for instance by shopping around and buying expired domain names with a reasonable page rank and Alexa ranking.

It is a fairly common practice to park a domain and attempt to earn revenue off that domain while it is parked especially if it is a domain name that already generates traffic either because of previous business or because of common misspelling.

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