How To Find A Good Domain Name

I have got so many questions on how to and where to find a good domain name. I think many people may have their own strategy, but I would like to share my point of view on this subject.

At first I want to tell you that all good domain names are already taken. And the only way to get them is to buy from the current owner or wait if someone forgets to renew it. The chance that somebody would forget to renew is low, but if you have tools to analyze millions of millions expiring domain names this could bring you some good results. So here I want to show you how to perform searches for domain names you are looking for.

Domain aftermarket is hot these days. Many people buy domains for their portfolio. Sometimes they buy all what they see without any further consideration. That’s why you may see so many so-so domains are taken and then put on auctions for big $$$ with hope that some end user can buy it. Bu tit happens not often.

What is your chance to find a good domain name for less? I think it’s all up to you or your luck. You must constantly scan lots of expiring domain auctions. I mean really a lot. I would say like millions per month. Also you may find some good domain name on public auctions, but prices are there quiet high unless you know how to bargain.

Let’s take a look how expiring domains go to auctions. So there are many registrars who try to sell domains in case someone forgets or refuses to renew their domain name. To avoid communication with each registrar then try domain search tools at to scan and review almost all domains available on the market.

Some registrars and/or third parties push on line big lists of domains which are about to expire. They call those lists pre-release. Those lists contain hundred of thousand domain names. It’s hard to analyze them all manually but with right tools it’s a piece of cake. This is where you can find good names, but it still doesn’t mean they will go to the next step.

The next step is to auction domains which still are forgotten by its owners. Here is the time to grab them. But before you grab them do some research. If you are lucky one you may get to own a very good name for almost nothing. As always right tools are your friends.

So what happens with domains if no one buys? Some registrars push them for sale again (the second round) and they call it closeouts. Yeah, here you can buy domains very cheap, maybe for some lucky $5 USD. For example tdnam offers some expiring domains listed on Dmoz (Google) or Yahoo directories. Such domains could be a good investment too.

Or yeah, and if you think you grab a valuable domain name just got to public auction and sell it for profit.

Piter Gurski is writing for Expiring Domains Tools at website where you may research for up coming expiring domains and use page ranking tools on your own website to let your visitors instantly check page rank.

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