How to Make Money From Domain Names

Everyday there are thousands of domain names expire either by purposely or accidentally. Among these expired domains, there are domains already capture a great amount of web site traffic. Anyone who re-registered these domains is able to gain instant traffic for a brand new website. Expired domains are goldmine for domain name investors. Those domain name investors are making good money by buying and reselling these expired domains.

Among the thousands of domains expired daily, not all have gems inside them. You can only make the fortune by successfully selecting those with good targeted traffic. Website owners will need to be able to convert any web traffic landed on their website into sales. Some of the website owners are managed to drive traffic to their website, but they may not make a lot of money because their website does not convert well, perhaps the website is poorly designed or they simply priced their products too high. With a bad conversion, the website owners may give up the website and let the domain expire without renewal. This is where a domain investor can make fortune with it.

If you want to invest and make profit from those expired domain, you need to use a domain watchdog service to alert you instantly when your targeted domains become available, you can grab it for a low renewal cost of $6.95. By building a few simple web pages with related ad links, you could instantly monetizing the existing web traffic and make money from it. Over the time, you can either continue to build more pages with useful contents for further monetizing that traffic or simply resell the domain with a higher price.

If you are a website owner who have no plan to renew your domain in the next renewal date; instead of let it expires by itself, you can make some money by trying to sell it on eBay or through one of the popular domain name auction services. You may get a surprise because some unusual domain names can fetch a price as high as $500.00 at eBay. If the domain name you intend to sell is the one wanted by other domain investors, they may offer at a good price to bid for it.

Buy low and sell high on domain names sound simple but you will find difficulties to find expired domain names with good traffic if you do not have powerful tool to help you. There are many domain name valuation online tools and services available which you can use them to provide you with more information and enable you to make a more informed decision. Some of these tools are free but other may need to be purchased. The investment should worth the value if you are a serious minded domain name investor who wants to make your fortune with domain names.


The expired domains with good web site traffic are goldmine for domain name investors. You can start to earn money by instantly monetizing the existing web traffic with related ad links or resell it with a higher price.

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