How to Select a Domain Name Wisely

Companies are selling domain names for very cheap prices. Therefore some people buy them without any purpose just for fun and keep them. This will block the chance for a person who really wants to reserve a domain name with a desired name. Sometimes they get disappointed as they can’t reserve a domain name according to their wish. Therefore I thought to give some guidelines on how to select a domain name according to someone’s desire.

First thing you must understand that the domain name that you are going to select (buy) should indicate the content of the website that you are going to build and what you provide from that website. For an example if you are going to buy a domain name to design a website for your biscuit manufacturing business (let’s say your business name is ABC Biscuits), first you should find whether you can reserve a domain name like If it is not available, the domain name reserving service will suggest you some weird domain names like,,, etc. But those domain names don’t give a clear idea about your business name. Then the best thing you should do is to check whether a domain name available like, Even if it has a “-“ in the middle it clearly shows your business name. I also did the same thing to reserve this domain name as was already reserved. Using “-“ will increase the readability of your domain name.

Some people think that short named domains attract more users. But according to my point of view it doesn’t make a big difference. If your website is famous and customers or visitors are satisfied, then they don’t care about how long is your domain name. They will find ways to remember it easily. The most important thing is that your website must run smoothly and continuously increase the visitors per day. I’m not going to discuss how to increase the traffic for the website here as it is out of the topic. I will discuss it in a future post.

Another important thing is that you must consider about how to host your domain when you choose a domain name reservation service. The less trouble way is that you find a good hosting service. Most of the hosting services provide a free domain if you buy a hosting package. As you have to host your domain someday, I think this is the best way to do. You must not go for a cheap service always. Because sometimes it will give you unexpected troubles as their service is not good. Normally the companies charge higher rates, maintain their infrastructure with a high quality. I hope that you got something from this. More relevant topics to come in the future.

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