Is Your Expired Domain Really Worthy

Are my expired domains really worthy enough? Can I sell them at very good prices? These are some of the most commonly asked questions by an aspiring and budding expired domain trader. An inexperienced expired web domains trader will always be quite anxious to know if he or she has struck gold while buying domains expired. Here are some simple tips and suggestions to know and identify whether your stock of expired web domains are really worthy or not:

Tip: Your domain is worthy only when someone pays and buys it for a very good price. It is as simple as that! It is quite obvious too! You may also wish to know the exact objective of buying a particular expired domain.

Length of your expired domain: How lengthy is your web domain expired? The shorter the domain name, the better will be your chance to sell it for a decent price. Shorter expired domain names are sweet and premium. These domains are also very valuable. Just remember how people remember famous names like Google and Yahoo. These names are already branded, short and easy to remember. The utility value of an expired domain is also very important while buying it. Expired domains with names like are more worthy than names like

Four lettered or names: These are the short domain names that are not actually proper words and they exhibit a number of forms depending on the letters used in the URL. These are the intermediary type of domain names that experienced domain expired sellers would like to dispose off immediately. You will need to be very careful while buying these domains as they may even be trademarked by their previous owners.

The amount of traffic: The more numbers of visitors to a particular web domain expired, the more valuable will be that domain. But, traffic attached to a web domain could be deceptive and misleading. What you need here is the actual organic, type-in type of traffic that is considered as holy by the major search engines. The expired domain that you wish to sell should be an authentic one with original and true traffic.

Earning: Expired domains do not possess real commercial value unless they possess a large amount of traffic. You will need to build a small income around your domain before you wish to sell it for a big price. Domain parking is a nice way that will help you add some basic income. This will help you sell that domain for a decent price. People simply love to buy expired domains that have the ability to derive immediate income. Flipped domains developed over an affiliate program or product/service can fetch you decent income. Just remember that flipped domains require lot of time and money to develop a catchy web site and its content. Earning potential for a particular expired domain inflates with flipping, parking and click-through marketing based on PPC.

You should learn and understand how you can buy good expired domain names so as to create a formidable source of stable income.

John Khu is an author and also a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business. He is the owner of the path breaking web sites called which provides complete and up-to-date information on expired domains and their eternal secrets.

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