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One way of earning from domain names is acquiring them and then selling them for profit. Purchasing domain names directly from the current owners. This is called the domain after market (names that have already been registered or purchased by someone else that are made available for sale by the current owners).

There are large after market sales sites like Afternic and Sedo that list hundreds of thousands of domains for sale. You can visit their site and enter a keyword you are interested in their search box. That will return a list showing every domain they have for sale that includes your keyword. If you find any you like, you can then place a bid and begin negotiations with the current owner.

A lot of domain owners have their names parked on pay per click advertising pages that will often display a clear notice whether or not the domain is for sale. You can enter names you are interested in your browser to see what the domain is currently being used for. If you land on one of those For Sale/PPC pages you can click on the For Sale link and make an offer for the domain. The owner will usually make a counter offer and the negotiations will continue from there.

You will also find a lot of names for sale in the various domain name forums on the Internet A lot of domains have changed hands for very good prices in forum sales and if you spend some time in them you will also get to know a lot of the sellers making it easier to buy from a trusted source.

While some professional domain name buyers and sellers prefer to concentrate on building and keeping a traffic portfolio that becomes round-the-clock money making machine, others like to seek out names purely for their resale potential. In fact if a domain has no inherent traffic, resale is usually the only way to earn a return on your investment.

Fortunately a lot of “end user” buyers (end users are the last link in the domain chain – business owners who intend to develop a website on the domain they buy) don’t care if a domain has existing traffic or not, so they represent a market for your domains whether or not they generate income prior to development. That doesn’t mean they will buy just any old name. What you have to offer will have to match the message they want to get out about their business.

Many wonder if they should set a sale price or leave the domain open for offers. Most professional sellers prefer to have the buyer be the first to make an offer in order to gauge the buyer’s interest and get an idea of what kind of budget they have.

On the other hand if you are trying to sell names in a forum populated by other domain buyers who are primarily looking to buy names wholesale, you will get far better results by listing prices.

Hunter Crowell is a researcher, avid money maker, and creator of Make Money With Domain Names, a web page setup to help domain name buyers and sellers earn cash. http://www.make-money-explained.info/domainnames.html

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