Making money from expired domain registration

Expired domain names are those that had previously been
registered to another owner. These domain name registration are
available to the open market because of non-payment of the
domain name renewal fees. These domain names are returned to the
open market approximately forty-five days after the domain
registration expiration date.

Subsequent to the dot com crash, expired domain names and
expired domain name traffic have been a source of profits for
many. It is critical to obtain, at a low cost, the automated
tools required to track the thousands of domain registration and
abandoned websites that are removed from the registry and become
available for purchase.

Now, many automated tools and resources are available for
identifying, appraising and even buying these domain
registration on an automated basis.

Expired domain names and the expired domain name traffic
associated with them have been only available to those who had
an automated system and tools.

Numerous domain names are registered for website development,
but do not appear online. In a number of these cases, the domain
name owners do not follow through with respect to the website
development and allow the domain registration to expire.

Also, many domain names even point to fully functioning websites
while many are registered for speculation. Such names are
registered by speculators in the hope of obtaining a profit on
the resale of the domain name registration.

However, there are a number of expired domain names with fully
functioning websites, receiving daily traffic from the search
engines, links and banner ads. The expired domain names that get
this daily traffic can earn revenues if these are redirected to
another website or marketed with affiliate programs.

How To Earn Profits from Expired Domain Names & Expired Domain
Name Traffic:

1. Buying for speculation – There is a large and highly
profitable market for reselling domain names at present, and
speculators are constantly looking out for developing
technologies and trends. Evolution is constantly taking place in
technology and trends. There are markets, being watched closely
right now, that are expected to grow exponentially within a
short span of time. It should be a good idea to locate and
register expiring domain names that are related to new trends,
technology and markets in order to earn substantial profits.

2. Buying expiring domain registration and redirecting the
targeted traffic – Targeted keyword domain names can help to get
traffic from those simply typing in keyword rich domain names
into the address bar and hitting the enter key.

3. Buying expired domain name registration and putting up
generic websites – Using tools like easy website building
software, third party payment processors, auto responders and
other applications, even a novice could put generic websites
online with keyword rich domain names that should appear in the
search engine rankings. These websites can be built using
expired domain names to drive traffic to them and the domain
name registration and the developed website could then be sold
together with the domain name, as a value added commodity.

4. Buying expiring domain names of websites that are already
online – A number of expiring domain names are, actually,
already functioning websites. The owners of these websites
either did not renew their domain registration for some reason
or simply stopped operating the website. In fact, quite often,
these websites already have traffic from links to other
websites, search engine rankings and even directory listings.

5. Buying expired domain names and using them for marketing
affiliate programs – Affiliate programs are a good way to
acquire an online business without even having a product.
Affiliate marketers redirect traffic from the affiliate website
to the website of the actual product or service and charge a
commission or a fee when any of the redirected traffic results
in sales. Affiliate programs have become an automated turnkey
solution for a number of entrepreneurs, especially novices.

One can locate and register expired domain name registration
that closely target the market of the affiliate programs and
then draw that targeted traffic into the website with expired
keyword rich domain names with content that satisfies the
informational needs. Then the users can be led onto the sales
page of the product.


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