Qualities Of A Good Domain Name

A good domain name makes the difference between generating high traffic and not generating any traffic at all. It echoes the nature of a persons business and can be remembered easily. It is also one that stays above competitor’s intrusion. The following is a guideline that a company can use in choosing a good domain name that will serve the company in the best way.

First, it is a good idea that the address be derived from the name of the person or of the company. Clients are able to have an easier time remembering the domain that way since the person or company’s name are already familiar. If a person prefers a unique name, they need to be very careful since unique names can be risky and may not be easy for the clients to remember. Domain names that match brand names are more effective than those with generic names. They are also likely to be what the visitors will use when searching for the company or its products since they are easier to remember.

The com extension of a domain name is well known and is therefore the most ideal to use. Using anything else will mean potential clients are likely to forget the web address. Not using the com can give competitors who use that extension, that is more recognizable, an upper hand. The company can end up losing traffic, which will be generated by the competing company. To be on the safer side, one can also purchase domains that have common misspelling to prevent malicious competitors from diverting traffic from the site to theirs.

When choosing a domain name, a person should avoid using hyphens and numbers if possible. These two slow visitors when typing. They are not as easy to type or remember as consecutive words or letters and this may actually affect the number of offers a company gets. Most visitors are likely to forget where the hyphens are placed or leave them out altogether and they may just end up in a competitor’s site. If there are no non-hyphenated names available, hyphens should be used carefully to take advantage of the search engines ability to distinguish the keyword in a better way and make it more prominent in search results.

A person or company should use a name that automatically explains what the site is all about. A domain name should be short and appealing, but it should also be meaningful. Ideally, it should not have more that two words although most of the shorter ones are mostly sold out anyway. A shorter domain name for an investment or business is more preferable than a longer one. Domain names that are long are not easy to remember and can confuse potential clients. However, a long domain name that has the site keywords in it can have an advantage and be more effective with several search engines. Those who are not able to get the domain names of their choice can try some of the applicable suggestions made by domain name registrars.

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