Secrets of Expired Domain Name Traffic

One of the biggest challenges to a webmaster is how to generate
traffic. More traffic to your website equates to more sales. So
how does one generate extra traffic to their website? Search
engine optimization, email campaigns, pay-per-clicks, banner
advertising, are among some of the tactics that are popular.
Another method of generating traffic is through expired domain

Step 1: Find a domain pending expiration

Every day thousands of domain names are released. Many of these
expired domain names were active websites that have already been
promoted by the previous owner. A few of the domains that are
released daily are valuable because of their age and the number
of links that they already have at various locations over the
Internet. How does one find these domains? There are many means
at which you can research these domains. There are newsletters
to which you can subscribe and request to receive a daily email
with up-coming expired domains. Go to google and enter “search
for expiring domains”. There are hundreds of thousands of
locations at which you can find domains pending deletion. One
site we often use is Expired Domains. This site is focused on
just one thing: helping people find the perfect domain name for
their website. Another example of a newsletter for web marketers
is a newsletter specifically aimed at
helping web marketers. Once you find a domain that you want, at
google enter (replace “” with the
domain you are researching) – this will show you how many links
this domain already has. This will tell you the value of the
domain. You want to look for a domain with a respectable link
popularity of around 500 to 1,000.

Everyday, hundreds of developed and thriving websites expire
Yet, these sites still receive endless traffic from the search
engines and links to them Identify these hot sites, make use of
their expired traffic, and make $$$

Step 2: Bid on the domain:

If you have decided that you want a domain that is pending
deletion, you can bid on it at one of the many sites that have
auctions or bidding forums. Bidding and winning these domains is
not something that you can leisurely embark upon. It takes time
and persistence. However, if you spend a little bit of time
every day, you will get great domains at a low price. Some
auction houses that we recommend are or
Most require no deposit to begin bidding, but they will ask that
you confirm your identity via telephone or electronic means.
This is in an effort to reduce fraud and keep the prices lower
for legitimate bidders. After you have established an account,
and you have found a domain that you want to try for, open a bid
on that domain. Start low, but keep a watchful eye on the date
and time that the bidding stops. Twenty minutes before the
bidding is scheduled to be closed on that domain, re-visit their
site and watch the top bid. Refresh your screen every minute to
see the current highest bid. If the price gets too high for your
budget, stop. But if you can afford the current high-bid, you
might want to keep bidding in order to win that domain. If the
bidding stops and you are the current high-bid, then you have
won that domain.

Step 3: Receive the traffic:

Now what? You have a great domain… you can park that domain so
that it redirects visitors to your main website. With domain
parking, visitors will automatically be re-directed to your main
website. Some web hosting companies charge a small fee for
domain parking. offers free unlimited domain
parking to its web hosting customers. If you maintain the
domain’s registration every year, you could have targeted
visitors to your website for less than $15 bucks a year. Cheap
targeted traffic really does exist!

Results: Increase your company’s unique brand recognition with
more exposure. Increase your traffic = increase sales.

Lois S. is a Technical Executive Writer for and with
experience in the website hosting industry.

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