Selling Domain Names On Ebay Part Ii

Analyzing eBay completed listing of domain sales for last two weeks in $1-$1000 price range.
The main difficulty is to determine if the actual sales are real, especially at the high end of the range. In fact, the very first reported sale $999 for “Google Nexus One Premier Domain Pack” (the title itself scares me away, suggesting the bad names with trademark violation) is not valid, as this “super domain pack” gets relisted with $350 price tag.  However, the next  “official” sale, make you realize that  “Google Pack” is not that bad… How about selling for $799? You do not need to be an eBay or domainer expert to say: “ain’t real “, without wasting the time by checking out  whois history data.   There are many amusing sales in ebay “domain names” category.  Sometimes I think that if you’re starting as a domainer, you just need to check out eBay’s completed at the high range $100+, to learn what domain names should not be bought.

Back to Earth: let’s categorize what domains names are selling, or pretending to be sold on eBay

Celebrity names: see my previous blog entry on ebay’s domain name sales
Trademark names: a lot of sales for last two weeks  on Apple news
3-4 letter names: many of not all sales records in this category can be trusted
One dictionary word names: for example this week for $260, very rare on Ebay
Two-three dictionary word names: $114
IDN Names: names containing localized non-English characters

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