Smart Way Of Choosing The Right Domain Name For Online Success

Most people starting an Online Business are so concerned with the products and services they intend to promote online that they neglect or overlook the importance of choosing the right Domain Name for their website. A domain name is the name of your online business which is used by internet users to identify and locate your website. Choosing the right domain name should be your first priority for Online Success. In fact many new entrepreneurs are ignorant of the role the domain name plays in their online businesses and choose names which have little or no relevance to their business. The following smart tips will help you proceed along the right lines.

1. Short and Memorable Name

Choose a name that is short, memorable and easy to pronounce. It is much easier to remember a simple short domain name rather a long one. Word of mouth advertisement is considered to be one of the most popular modes of advertising a business and a short and memorable name is ideal for people to remember your business and pass the word around. It also becomes handy for offline advertising. Unfortunately today most of the popular short names have been taken, nevertheless if online success is your goal you can use your ingenuity and come up with good names.

2. Simple and Easy to Spell

The domain name should be simple and easy to spell and display professionalism. Complicated names are difficult to remember and write it down and the chances are that people who wish to access your website will make a mistake when typing your url in the browser window. This would lead them to some other website instead of yours and you will be the looser.

3. Relevant to your Online Business

Your name should be relevant to your online business thus indicating to the general public the internet surfer and also to the Search Engines what your website business is all about. There are of course well known names such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon and EBay that have no relevance to their businesses. These are powerful branded names by financially rich companies who spend a colossal amount of money for branding their names.

4. Choose the Popular Domain Name Extension:

The original and the most popular domain name extension is the .com and people are very familiar with it. Today there are several domain name extensions such as .net, .org, biz, tv, and ws. to choose from. Most people associate the dotcom extension with a business and the general tendency for Internet users is to type the dotcom automatically after the domain name even if the extension is different. This tendency to associate the dotcom with a domain name and the good sale value of the domain names with a .com extension makes this the first choice for online success.

5. Use Keywords in Domain Name:

Your keywords have an important role to play here. You should try to embed two or at least one of the most relevant keywords or a keyword phrase into your domain name. This helps the Search Engines to know about your site and hence place relevancy o­n them. Keywords also help you to obtain good search engine ranking and search results which are vital for online success.

6. Avoid Hyphenated Names:

It is difficult to remember hyphenated domain names. There is a tendency to forget the hyphen or mention it in the wrong place when information is passed by word of mouth and hence it is wise to avoid them. It is ofcourse only a communication problem. If there is no choice and the hyphenated name contains a good keyword, there is no harm in choosing the name since search engines have no problem with them at all.


Choosing the right domain name should indeed be the first step in your adventure into the exciting and rewarding field of online business. These Smart tips will help you do just that

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