Discover How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Online Business

When you start an internet based business there are a few things that you will need initially. Once you have a website you will need to get it registered with a domain name, the other thing you will need is a hosting company to host your website. In this article we will talk about the […]

How To Choose A Great Website Domain Name

It’s true that your website is characterized by your website domain name. If you’re using your website to promote sales, or your business, it’s important that you spend a little time thinking of a great domain name. It really helps that the domain name you choose is unique, but it is possible to include the […]

How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Use the name people know you by. Don’t abbreviate, unless the abbreviation is your company’s trademark. Ask your co-workers, your customers, your friends, and your family what domain name they’d expect your company to have. Don’t forget to include your domain name in your site’s logo. And put your domain name on all company promotional […]

How to Choose and Buy a Domain Name and Sell it to the Potential Buyer

When you buy a domain name for resell there are some decisions you need to take. How much should you pay for it?What niche is it?Who is your potential buyer? These answers need to be answered before you buy the domain and this is how you do that:How much should you pay depends on quality […]

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