Why Choosing a Niche in the Domain Trading Market Will Help You Sell the Domains You Own

While selling domains at the low level market prices are not a big deal, one can sell a domain in the domain name forums for couple of dollars. There is usually limitation for the number of sales he can do and the amount of money he can get in that specific level, because of the […]

Flipping Domains Instead of Flipping Burgers!

Domain Flipping is essentially a business model (more like a drug that you get addicted to) where you buy Domain Names at low prices and try to Sell them off for quick profit! If you are into the whole resell thing and you know that you can sell then this is perfect for you to […]

PPC Campaigns – Useful Tools For Promoting Expired Domains

Domain name registrations, both new and expired domains, are rising slowly in the past few years and total registrations are likely to reach a pea during the end of last quarter of 2009. Domain registrations have reached an all time high of about 75 millions during 2006 with an average of 1.5 millions new registrations. […]

Aged Expired Domains – Are They Really Good Enough?

Determining the real commercial value of an aged domain is quite difficult and tedious. Domain traders make it a point to grab aged domains from auction houses just to taste their hidden powers and commercial advantages. However, experienced and seasoned domain traders always doubt about the commercial viability of such domains. According to domain name […]

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