Qualities Of A Good Domain Name

A good domain name makes the difference between generating high traffic and not generating any traffic at all. It echoes the nature of a persons business and can be remembered easily. It is also one that stays above competitor’s intrusion. The following is a guideline that a company can use in choosing a good domain […]

How To Find A Good Domain Name

I have got so many questions on how to and where to find a good domain name. I think many people may have their own strategy, but I would like to share my point of view on this subject. At first I want to tell you that all good domain names are already taken. And […]

How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Use the name people know you by. Don’t abbreviate, unless the abbreviation is your company’s trademark. Ask your co-workers, your customers, your friends, and your family what domain name they’d expect your company to have. Don’t forget to include your domain name in your site’s logo. And put your domain name on all company promotional […]

Aged Expired Domains – Are They Really Good Enough?

Determining the real commercial value of an aged domain is quite difficult and tedious. Domain traders make it a point to grab aged domains from auction houses just to taste their hidden powers and commercial advantages. However, experienced and seasoned domain traders always doubt about the commercial viability of such domains. According to domain name […]

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