Why Choosing a Niche in the Domain Trading Market Will Help You Sell the Domains You Own

While selling domains at the low level market prices are not a big deal, one can sell a domain in the domain name forums for couple of dollars. There is usually limitation for the number of sales he can do and the amount of money he can get in that specific level, because of the […]

Get In On The Expired Domain Name Market

The cat is out of the bag as more and more people are becoming aware of the profit making potential in the expired domain name market. The fact is that there are a lot of viable domain names that have expired and are available to be bought up and claimed as your own. You may […]

Domain Name Market Analysis: What you Should Know

Buying and selling domain names is big business as companies finally tap into the marketing potential of the Internet. As companies turn to the World Wide Web, they conduct large transactions to correlate their own market power with the important URLs that are often held by smaller competitors who came to the internet first. […]

Thoughtful Ways to Market Your Expired Domains

Now that you have a pack of expired domain names that you believe are your potential money spinners, your immediate next task is to act on those domains quickly to start gaining some amount of income. There are many ways of earning money from your expired domains depending mainly on how you are planning to […]

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