Learning More About Expired Web Domain Expiry and Deletion Patterns

Just before a particular expired web domain expires and becomes available for open sale, it will undergo several passages of legal procedures. Here is a brief flowchart of the presumed lifecycle through which a typical expired web domain traverses its eventful passage: An active web domain may become redundant, when the buyer of that […]

What Percentage of the Domainers Make More Than Minimum Hourly Wage?

With the surge of internet entrepreneurs, also came the surge of domainers or business savvy professionals who purchase domain names and sell them to others. Although many of these domainers make a tremendous amount of money, there are quite a few others who barely make more than the minimum wage in their states. In this […]

Sale Websites – More Traffic Means More Money

  If you want to earn some quick Bucks, then the best way is to go up for sale websites on the Internet. For those interested in the online business, the purchase or sale of sites can more profitable than anything else. All you have to do is take the right opportunity and go […]

How to Fine Tune Your Domain Trading Business to Earn More Money

Most of us buy a good expired domain at a hefty asking price and add that domain to our ever growing inventory of domains. But, we also forget to work on them immediately to make them commercially viable and profit making. Failure to turn your collection of expired domains into commercial entities will lead to […]

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