Turning Your Expired Domain Into a Profit Making Machine-domain Parking Ideas

It is so common to see a registrar’s parking page cropping up in your browser window, when you type in a domain name to check what is on the site. In fact, it could be a sheer wastage of what is possibly a good expired domain name! Like you, thousands of others would have typed […]

Domain Parking for Dummies

As a web surfer, I really do not like it when I come across a site that sounds promising in Google, click on it and discover nothing but ads. What is the purpose of such a site? Well, this practice of putting up a site on the web without content is known as domain parking, […]

Domain Parking Vs Domain Development

The “Should I park my domain name and monetize it that way or should I develop a website?” is a pretty old debate among domainers. And I believe it’s proof that laziness will always win over sensibility. There are a variety of ways to monetize a domain name. Most domainers who deal with a lot […]

Domain name Parking

Domain name parking has given the best profits on investment. For example vodka.com was sold for $3 millions. In some cases these domains were bought for $6-8 which is the cost for registering a new domain name. The income on domain names is wonderfully volatile. What do the domain sellers? Are they capable to trade […]

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