Buying Profitable Expired Domain Names – Part II

Buying an expired domain is an intricate and cumbersome process, when you do not know the fundamentals and techniques of expired domain name industry. Buying a domain expired domain name is a busy activity, when you apply your mind and intelligence to choose and later buy the most profitable domain name. However, understanding the intricate […]

How Much Is A Domain Name Worth? Part 2

There are many elements that have contributed to the value of a domain, and they are changing all the time. For the forseeable future, it appears that domain names will continue to rise in value overall and could be a great investment. In the past 11 years, I have owned and/or managed over 500 domains. […]

Selling Domain Names On Ebay Part Ii

Analyzing eBay completed listing of domain sales for last two weeks in $1-$1000 price range.The main difficulty is to determine if the actual sales are real, especially at the high end of the range. In fact, the very first reported sale $999 for “Google Nexus One Premier Domain Pack” (the title itself scares me away, […]

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