Turning Your Expired Domain Into a Profit Making Machine-domain Parking Ideas

It is so common to see a registrar’s parking page cropping up in your browser window, when you type in a domain name to check what is on the site. In fact, it could be a sheer wastage of what is possibly a good expired domain name! Like you, thousands of others would have typed […]

Develop You Domain For Better Profit

If you have just purchased you first domain name ready to resell or ‘flip’ it and have left it parked then you already know how easy it is to get a parked page service, you might now also realize how easy it is to develop the site. WhyParkcan get you easily started in developing a […]

How To Really Profit from Domain Names

How To Really Profit from Domain Names by J. Stephen Pope Have you heard about domain names that sold for over a million dollars? Inspired by this, you imagine registering a great domain name, hanging onto it for a while, and then selling it off to become the next multi-millionaire. It could happen, but don`t […]

Sell Your Domain Name For Profit Or Should You?

These days as a professional domainer I do very little selling. I don’t like to, nor do I need to. I have come to the conclusion that the longer I hold something the more it is going to be worth. Just look at three-letter .com’s, .net’s, .org’s, .us’s, and .biz’s. There are zero left […]

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