What Should you Consider Before you Do your .com Domain Registration?

A domain name determines a business’s identity. Every business owner would like a good and a perfect domain name. Here are some tips on choosing that perfect web address: 1. If your first choice for a domain name is already taken, don’t despair. Try a few other combinations and pick the one that meets […]

Domain registration is inexpensive and protects your business

In an ever-changing world it is important to have some stability. To this end you should look into registering your domain name because: • Your domain name becomes a point of association for you. Clients remember your site and services by the domain name. • Even if you change your web host the […]

Making money from expired domain registration

Expired domain names are those that had previously been registered to another owner. These domain name registration are available to the open market because of non-payment of the domain name renewal fees. These domain names are returned to the open market approximately forty-five days after the domain registration expiration date. Subsequent to the dot com […]

How to select the best web hosting and domain registration provider

Starting an online business does not centre around an appealing website design, in order to succeed with profitable sales you need to find an appropriate web hosting provider and domain name registrar. In this article you can find some useful tips that can help you select a perfect domain and web hosting provider. Domain names […]

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