Free Domain and Tools

Marketing is and should always be at the core of every business. Internet industry is no different; it is just that the marketing tools are a tad different. They are not the traditional marketing tools. Some are commonly known like auto responders, SEO software, link-building systems, content management programs, affiliate software etc. There are some […]

PPC Campaigns – Useful Tools For Promoting Expired Domains

Domain name registrations, both new and expired domains, are rising slowly in the past few years and total registrations are likely to reach a pea during the end of last quarter of 2009. Domain registrations have reached an all time high of about 75 millions during 2006 with an average of 1.5 millions new registrations. […]

Useful Web Tools for Picking a Domain Name

1. Domainr   Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a domain name that end with the popular .com, .net, and .org TLD’s. Domainr is an innovative web tool that helps you explore other TLD’s that have made popular websites like and stand out from the crowd. Of course, searches will also include popular top-level […]

Domain Suggestion Tools

Regardless of whether you are starting a new business, or planning to expand an existing one by creating a new web site, it can be quite hard to find a suitable domain name that somebody else has not already registered. The reality is that most obvious domain names, the ones that are likely to occur […]

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