The Top 20 Most Valuable Domain Names

You have no doubt heard of the astronomical figures some Domain Names are generating at auction and through Private sales. But before you race out and try to register all the names you can think of, please realize that these are the exception ? not the norm.

Actually you?ll find that millions of people have already gone and registered every name, product, saying, misspelling, etc. out there. So your chances of getting lucky are very slim anyway.

The names on the below list are taken from ? and indicate the actual sale price at the time. They do not reflect their current market value ( has recently been valued at $400 million)

Okay so let us begin:

1 2006 14.0 Mil
2 2007 9.5 Mil

The first two are pretty obvious. Watch out for Spam. They will sell a lot of links to make that back.

3 2005 7.5 Mil (Recently sold for over $300 million)

This is a Directory. It is a site that is divided into categories and filled with all kinds of links business products and service providers. Just like your own phone directory.

4 2006 7.5 Mil

A shopping site that will sell you, you guessed it, diamonds. They have everything from loose diamonds to rings and necklaces. They also have everything categorized by price for gift shoppers. 2004 7.0 Mil

A site chock full of things that beer lovers like, scantily clad women 2003 5.5 Mil

This is a free online casino with links to other pay sites. 2000 5.0 Mil

Everything that you have ever seen for sale on television is right here. If you can?t get the phone number in time, don?t worry, it?s just a click away. 2000 5.0 Mil

This is the online gateway to Korea. News, weather, blogs, travel and culture are just some of the things available on this site. 2003 3.5 Mil

This is another obvious website. Geared primarily toward women, this site has a lot of links for just about any type of clothing you could want to shop for with a few categories thrown in to try and attract men. Maybe they should have a link to 2003 3.3 Mil

This is a well designed site for selling wine. There are a lot of gift ideas and there is even a section for educating users on the different types of wine. 1999 3.25 Mil

This is a very powerful search engine but going up against Google has got to be an uphill struggle. The term ?google? has become the generic term for searching for something on the internet. 2005 3.2 Mil

Here is yet another obvious website. They offer downloadable software for just about any application you could think of. 2006 3.0 Mil

Right now, this site is just an advertisement for a new site they are attempting to put together; the world?s online vodka community. I guess that is OK as long as they don?t sell cars. 2000 3.0 Mil

Bank of America has cleverly redirected this domain name/search term to their banking site. 2004 2.9 Mil

Designed to appeal to the high end wine connoisseur, there is a forum for discussing wines as well as the obvious goal of selling wine. 2000 2.75 Mil

If you are looking for a credit card with certain features, you have come to the right place. You can search by banks, features, rates and more. 1999 2.5 Mil

This is a Chinese language site with no translation buttons so I could not tell what was on this site but I would have to guess that it would be similar to 1999 2.2 Mil

They review and sell automobiles and trucks. That is the perfect use of a domain name. 2000 2.2 Mil

I guessed that this site would be all about coupons. I was correct. 2000 2.0 Mil

Here is a site with a ?come back soon? message. There is also an email sign up box so they can contact you when they are ready to launch. I bet they are putting together a site for wireless communications.

There is an additional 25 names that sold for 1M or over and out of the top 100, there are only 5 that have other TLD?s. A TLD is a top-level-domain, which means the suffix, such as .com, .net, .org. etc. The .com is certainly the most popular of the TLD?s and pornography is at the top of the list.

This article was written by Irell Quezada from NameCake. A website that specialises in buying and selling Generic Domains and who offer expert advice on domain names and the competitive advantage they can give your business in the online marketplace.

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