Tips for Selecting a Domain Name and Web Hosting Service

In order to make that first online sale, you need to choose a domain name and web hosting service. The domain name is the website address that directs visitors to your site, and the web hosting service is the company that stores your website information on the Internet and displays it to visitors who call up your domain name in the address bar.

Choosing the right domain name and web hosting service for your online business requires preparation, knowledge and thoughtful planning.

Tips for Choosing a Great Domain Name

*Always check to see if your desired domain name has previously been registered, penalized by search engines or labeled as spam.

*Consider choosing a domain name that will capture type-in traffic. This is traffic that a user generates by typing keywords directly into the address bar instead of using a search engine.

*If you opt for negative publicity, purchase a domain that advertises the drawbacks of your competition (for instance, “”).

*Register multiple domain names that draw in traffic and redirect it to your business’s homepage.

*Consider registering domain names that are similar to your desired domain name, as well as common misspellings. The folks at GEICO lose business to the owner of because they do not own both domains.

*Keep your domain name as short as possible.

*Include your website’s keywords in the domain name if possible.

*Choose a .com extension if available. Regional extensions such as .USA, .CA, and .UK are great for attracting local business.

Once your online business becomes well known, you should purchase as many forms of your current domain name as you can think of to keep your competitors from snatching your potential customers. Sometimes even adding an “s” to the end of a popular domain can redirect customers to a completely unrelated website. It can also redirect them to a website that looks surprisingly similar to the original, but with a different owner collecting the profits.

Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Web hosting services are plentiful, and many offer an array of features for different prices. If you are expecting heavy website traffic, keep in mind that you get what you pay for in a hosting service. Heavy traffic requires a dependable server, and this may not be available on an inexpensive hosting site. Before signing up with a company, find out about billing practices and important supported services such as e-commerce, shopping carts, discussion forums, blogs and customer support. If these features are vital to your website, make sure your hosting service can support them. Be sure to ask about customer support and website design support as well.

It is also imperative to sign up for an e-mail feature when choosing a web hosting service. This gives your customers a sense of security when they see you@YourCompany .com on the contact form.

Selecting a winning domain name and finding a web hosting service that is capable of meeting your business’ needs are two of the most critical steps in creating your online business. Choose well and you will be rewarded with increased profits and website traffic.

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