Top 10 Reasons Everyone Needs A Domain Name!

The top 7 reasons why ordinary people need to have their own personal domain name:

1. Use It for a Web Site!

A domain name is not a website. It’s simply an address someone uses to find a website. Registering a domain name is an integral part of creating a website. Your domain name will already be yours and active when you’re ready to launch the site.

Creating your own Website with its own domain name will help make your submissions to search engines more effective and profitable for your business.

Your first step, of course, is to register a domain name for your personal Website NOW — even before you have a Web page ready — to ensure that you have rights to the URL you want today.

2. Exposure

Millions of people surf the Internet daily. How will they find your site without a name?
Many search engines will not even list “replicated affiliate Websites” as they see them all as simply the same Website which would “clutter” their directory. With your own domain, however, you CAN get your Website listed in search engines. And with increased exposure, you can generate more sign-ups and sales

3. Give Yourself a Permanent E-mail Identity!

Never change your email address again, even if you switch Internet service providers.

4. Increase Profits

Register a “catchy” domain name and customers will easily remember it and return to your site to purchase goods and services.

5. Protect Your Business/Product Names!

Register domain names for your company and products before your competition does. Ensure that no one can tarnish your reputation by using your business name on the Internet.

6. Create a Professional Image!

Give yourself a professional, easy-to-remember address that will better suit your business.

7. Every domain name is one-of-a-kind!

Once you register your domain no one else can use it as long as you hold the license. As a matter of fact, it’s to your benefit to register as many variations of your domain name as possible to avoid competition or confusion.

8. Professionalism — Customers seek out professional companies. Your own domain gives you a professional image, prestige, and invaluable credibility.

9. Premium URL Forwarding — Instead of having to advertise long, hard-to-remember URL’s, you can create your own, easy-to-remember domain name (e.g. and either build your own website there that has links to SFI….or…you can simply set your domain to automatically redirect to your favorite SFI Gateway. In other words, you could advertise a name like, but when your prospects enter that URL, they’ll be automatically taken to the SFI Gateway of your choice. This is the answer if you don’t have the time or resources to build your own Website.

10. Permanent E-Mail Address — With your own domain, you and your family can have permanent, lifetime email addresses that you’ll never have to change…EVER. Plus, you’ll be able to create exactly the email addresses you want (e.g.,,, etc.).

The Internet is growing at a phenomenal rate daily–over 70% of Internet users research a product or information online before making a decision to purchase! If you’re serious about building a profitable online enterprise, you’ve GOT to have your own domain name.
And now, SFI’s Great Domainia has made getting your domain easier than ever at a price you’ll love!

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Better Still need help finding a great domain name? GreatDomainia’s DomainTwistTM combines your words with the most popular words used on the Internet. Then, the twist shakes them up to help you find available domains.

Every domain name is one-of-a-kind! — Once you register your domain, no one else can use it as long as you hold the license. You may even want to register as many variations of your domain name as possible to avoid competition or confusion and take advantage of misspelled URL entries into a browser.

All of this and more for as little as $1.34 a month. What are you waiting for?!

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