What Percentage of the Domainers Make More Than Minimum Hourly Wage?

With the surge of internet entrepreneurs, also came the surge of domainers or business savvy professionals who purchase domain names and sell them to others. Although many of these domainers make a tremendous amount of money, there are quite a few others who barely make more than the minimum wage in their states. In this informative article, we will discuss the domainer business as well as the old age question of what percentage of domainers make more than minimum hourly wage. So, without further adieu, let’s get started.

Before we begin, one must understand that the domainer business is just like any other, those that perform the best are the ones that put the most time and energy into their business dealings. Those that make excessive amounts of money are the ones that study and understand internet trends and have a good understanding of the internet marketplace. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that about 25% of all domainers actually make more than minimum wage whereas 75% do not. Here’s why:

The purchasing and selling domain names is highly speculative. Just like no one can accurately predict the weather 100% of the time, the more knowledgeable you are, the better able you are to make educated guesses that may in fact pay off in the long run. Those domainers who make a killing in the bsiness are not only lucky but they have a specialized talent for understanding trends and acting upon them. They also know alot about the what names will sell and how to obtain the best price for the sales. In essence, they have a vision and are able to back up that vision with pure knowledge and specialized domain buying skills.

Only 25% of domainers make a good living because the domainer business attracts newbies who don’t know anything about the business. They simply get into the business in order make a quick buck. They are lured into false promises of making hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars by selling domain names. The truth of the matter is that the domainer business is very saturated and it takes a lot of domain name buys to have one good sell. That is, successful domainers, who make more than minimum wage, are those that purchase thousands of qualified leads and then sell them using clever marketing strategies.

The domainer business is just like any other. Although a great deal of it is based on luck, to be truly successful requires that you put in a lot of time and energy into the learning and perfection process. You have to try out many different methods of selecting domain names until you develop a strategy that works. You have to conduct extensive research and truly learn how to choose hot names before other competitive domainers snatch up the good names. And, you have to be a skilled marketing expert that works hard to sell your product, the domain names, to earn the most profits. For many domainers, this is emotionally and physically taxing and those domainers that succeed are the ones that put in the most effort and display the most talent.

In conclusion, about 25% of all domainers make more than the minimum hourly wage. This is because they are qualified and talented professional who put in the work to reap the benefits. Those domainers who make minimum wage, don’t take their job seriously and don’t have the talent or knowledge that it takes to make it to the top in this ever-changing field.

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