Why Your Business Needs a Premium Domain Name

If you already run or are planning to start an online or offline business, you need a website that will help your business succeed. But since the business world is well into the new millennium, you can be sure that all the plum domain names are already taken. So how do you go about getting one for yourself?

Enter the premium domain name: a domain name that has already been registered by someone else, and is not available in the primary market. But it is available for sale in the secondary market, at a price. Premium domain names are much more expensive than primary market domain names due to their brandability, their length, their targeted keywords and a host of other reasons which make them a necessity for any business in the competitive internet marketplace.

They are well worth the price, too. Here are a few reasons why you need to get yourself a premium domain name even at a higher price:

1. All the marketable names in the dictionary have already been registered, so it is quite possible that the name of your brand is already a premium domain name. If that is the case, it makes complete business sense to get it, because your website needs to be an integral part of your branding strategy. It can be a permanent, interactive and informative virtual billboard that talks to your customers, day in and day out.

What is more, your brand needs to be protected at any cost. You cannot have a service or product unrelated to your specific brand existing on the domain name that epitomizes it.

2. Chances are high that a short, memorable generic name related to your business is already a premium domain name. Such a domain name might be able to draw targeted type-in customers to your website. This leads to automatic higher search engine ranking. This gives it tremendous development potential, especially if you are into e-commerce, and hope to attract paying customers to your site.

3. Most premium domain names have good extensions, mostly .com, because that is one of the reasons they were snapped up from the primary market in the first place. A good extension also assures a lot of type-in traffic, another reason you need to grab it for your business.

4. While the above reasons are good for you if you are a business owner, it also holds true if you are a domainer and buy and sell domain names for profit. A good premium domain name can be an extremely sound investment, because sooner or later a business owner would want to pay a lot just in order to acquire the domain name from you. You would find such a premium domain name at a reasonable price after an incredible amount of research, but it could all be worth it in the end.

Whichever way you look at it, a premium domain name is an asset which cannot be overlooked if you want to establish a genuine and lucrative web presence. There is every reason why you should begin your research on a great premium domain name that could well prove to be your springboard to success.

This article was written by Irell Quezada from NameCake. A website that specialises in buying and selling Generic Domains and who offer expert advice on domain names and the competitive advantage they can give your business in the online marketplace.

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